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 Who is Paige?

  Name: Saraya-Jade Bevis
  A.K.A: Paige
  Born: August 17th, 1992 (23)
  From: Norwich, Norfolk, England
  NXT Debut: July 4th, 2012
  WWE Debut: April 7th, 2014

Mini Bio: Paige is a raven-haired Diva who preaches a simple message: She wants to fight. She gained prominence inside the NXT Arena as the first NXT Women’s Champion. A driven competitor, she first began battling when she was 13, following her family of English wrestlers and has never looked back. On the April 7 edition of Raw, Paige stunned the WWE Universe by challenging – and ultimately defeating AJ Lee to become the new Divas Champ!

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Thursday Night Smackdown Results: May 19th
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Paige vs. Dana Brooke

Becky Lynch joins the commentary team for this match. Brooke and Paige locks up. Brooke drags Paige to the ropes. Clean break and Brooke slaps Paige. Collar and elbow tie up and Paige drags Brooke to the ropes. Paige with a leg sweep. Paige drives her knee to the face of Brooke. Brooke sends Paige to the ring apron. Paige with a series of knees to Brooke’s ribs. Brooke knocks Paige off the ring apron. Brooke bounces Paige’s head on the ring apron.

Brooke rolls Paige back into the ring. Brooke drives her shoulder to the midsection of Paige. Brooke clotheslines Paige for a two count. Brooke applies the bodyscissors. Paige gets Brooke in a pinning position for a two count. Paige with a thrust kick to the midsection of Brooke. Paige with a running high knee lift to Brooke in the corner. Paige with a knee to the face of Brooke for a two count. Jawbreaker from Brooke. Brooke with a sitout slam to pickup the victory.

Winner: Dana Brooke

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Monday Night Raw Results: May 9th
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Paige vs. Charlotte

Back from the break and Natalya is on commentary. WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte makes her way out alone as Ric Flair is banned from ringside. Paige is out next for this non-title match. She gets a pop.

The bell rings and they lock up. Charlotte takes it to the corner. Paige counters and catches a kick, taking Charlotte down for a hold. Charlotte brags about this being her house but Paige kicks her in the face on the apron. They tangle on the floor and Charlotte sends Paige into the apron, then runs her over. Charlotte brings it back in and unloads with kicks in the corner. The referee backs her off and Charlotte tells him to keep his hands off. Charlotte drops Paige with a big boot for another 2 count.

Charlotte with knees as she keeps Paige grounded. Charlotte slams Paige to the mat and shows off. Paige rolls her up for a 2 count. Paige drops Charlotte with three kicks. Paige with a high running knee in the corner. Paige with a running knee in the middle of the ring for a 2 count. Paige ends up ducking a big boot and nailing a kick to the face for a close 2 count. More back and forth. Charlotte drops Paige with a big chop. Charlotte goes up for a moonsault but Paige cuts her off. Paige positions Charlotte for a superplex and headbutts her. Paige nails the superplex for another close 2 count.

Charlotte with a roll up for 2. Charlotte counters a pin attempt with one of her own. Paige nails Charlotte and tries to get the PTO locked in but Charlotte gets to the bottom rope. Paige unloads in the corner and is pulled off by the referee. She comes back and Charlotte sends her face first into the turnbuckles. Natalya gets up on the apron as Charlotte tries to steal a pin. Paige takes advantage of the distraction and hits a fall-away slam for a 2 count. Ric Flair comes down to ringside and yells at Natalya. Charlotte takes advantage of a distracted Paige and hits a backbreaker. Shane McMahon’s music hits and here he comes. He brings a bunch of referees with him and they escort Flair to the back but he’s not happy. Charlotte looks on and Paige rolls her up from behind for the win.

Winner: Paige

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WWE Network: The Edge and Christian Show – S01E09
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WWE Network: Characters from Camp WWE
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From Seth Rollins and John Cena to The Rock and Mr. McMahon, check out the cast of characters from “Camp WWE,” the newest offering on WWE Network premiering May 1.

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WWE Worldwide: European Tour
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063_Leeds_04172016ca_2562--b56275f1400b493991baf08988607ff7.jpg 038_SD_04212016dg_1562--17c89044518f217f9ab8d6accf2b31bd.jpg 027_Paris_04222016_1487dog--d7bc44194db0996d28d505a6b7d77443.jpg 020_Malaga_04232016_0927dog--361c865263ae78451fdcd760440ff188.jpg

Sami Zayn, Dean Ambrose, Triple H, Kevin Owens and more WWE Superstars thrilled the WWE Universe in Europe this past week, for a wild WrestleMania Revenge Tour event. Check out exclusive photos from the tours’ action.

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Thursday Night Smackdown Results: April 21st
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Team BAD vs. Natalya & Paige

Nattie dominates Tamina before Naomi gets the tag, which also brings in Paige to a huge pop. They double team Naomi before a Natalya dropkick. Naomi avoids a Sharpshooter and is able to land a leg drop for two. Natalya is quickly isolated and attacked by Team BAD. Paige gets the tag and takes out Naomi and Tamina, clocking Naomi with a big knee. Naomi eats a RamPaige and applies a PTO while Natalya locks a Sharpshooter on Tamina.

Winners: Paige & Natalya

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Total Divas: C’est La Divas (Part 2)
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007_TD514_07--3fb5492d1e164406557b15373a955b71.jpg 008_TD514_14--2dab6e5fd66cdbc49d31afbee1d97379.jpg 018_TD514_34--e8fea1203b91c7e73c334e971c670cf6.jpg 032_TD514_70--5e045e9fa3a0b79031053d1bc3dbcc9f.jpg

We return to the ladies’ French soiree in part 2 of E!’s “Total Divas” Season 5 Finale, and one last bout of convoluted drama involving hurt feelings and a photoshoot. Alicia Fox has scheduled a Parisian fashion shoot but nobody knows exactly why, so everyone’s feeling a bit testy. Mandy Rose still feels left out by Eva Marie, so she’s particularly grumpy; Natalya’s exasperated and gossipy; so by the time it all gets back to Fox she figures the girls are just being uncooperative and is ready to wash her hands of the whole thing. That leads to a cast meeting where grievances are aired and differences are resolved. Mandy and Eva make it a point to reconcile (though Mandy’s a bit more wary of her would be tag teammate and resolves to choose her friends more carefully in the future) and the “Total Divas” end their trip to France on a positive note with a party at the Moulin Rouge. Everybody can-can!

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Monday Night Raw Results: April 18th
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161_RAW_04182016rf_1509--849d08efdf3315ec09780ca1a96f3e2d.jpg 162_RAW_04182016rf_1518--5a1f98f7fa652ce9ccf6990d98232f58.jpg 163_RAW_04182016rf_1532--edfd85ba8baba96dcfcee87b57c68333.jpg 175_RAW_04182016rf_1657--c9f8c203c9ae6d9fbcc9dd4cff797164.jpg

Natalya & Sasha Banks & Becky Lynch & Paige vs. Women’s champion Charlotte & Team Bad & Summer Rae

Team Paige worked over Naomi early with double team maneuvers and a big high knee from Paige. Paige nailed a Fall Away Slam. She nailed a flip off the apron to the floor on Naomi and Tamina. Charlotte tried to get involved but Becky took her out. They went to commercial. When they returned, Tamina was trashing Becky as the crowd chanted for her. Team Charlotte worked over Lynch. Tamina cinched in a side chinlock. Naomi nailed a dropkick in the corner and grinded her down with a side chinlock. Lynch sidestepped her, sending Naomi to the floor.

Lynch fought to make a tag but was caught and pulled away. Lynch kicked her away and finally tagged Natalya. Natayla snapped Rae with a Side Russian Legsweep. She nailed a slingshot suplex and a dropkick to the face but was cut off with a spinning heel kick. Charlotte tagged in but was caught by Natayla. Everyone brawled, Charlotte went for the Figure-8 but Charlotte was turned around into a Sharpshooter and the champion tapped out.

Winners: Natalya & Sasha Banks & Paige & Becky Lynch

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WWE Superstars Paige And Charlotte on This Morning
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Former WWE teammates Charlotte and Paige reunited for a surprise appearance on ITV daytime show This Morning .

The two Superstars – who used to be known as tagteam PCB – are in the UK for the London WWE RAW event where Charlotte will be battling to keep her title as the Women’s Champion.

Walking in through a cloud of smoke like they were walking into the ring, Charlotte proudly held her championship belt high as Paige tried to jokingly steal it.

The two women are somewhat of wrestling royalty, as Charlotte’s dad is the famous legend Ric Flair who is the 16-time WWE world heavyweight wrestling champion.

Speaking of how women’s wrestling had taken off, they explained the Wrestlemania performance was in front of a record-breaking attendance of 100,000 people.

The female wrestlers used to be known as Divas while the men were called Superstars, but as of a couple of weeks ago to make things more equal the Divas were retired and now all WWE wrestlers fall under the Superstar term.

While the two women said they happily welcome the rename, Paige – who is originally from Norwich – said she was a little sad about not being known as a ‘Diva’ any longer.

“I was a little bit sad about it just because when you grow up and you want to be a wrestler, I think about diva as WWE… I’m glad though that I’m part of the evolution. We’re equal to the men.”

Charlotte and Paige will be appearing at the WWE Raw which is being held at the O2 Arena across a series of events this week, will be aired on Sky Sports this evening.

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New Photoshoot: Carlos Velez Photography
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005~26.jpg 008~7.jpg 12905184_1772146416353136_1952509008_n.jpg 12976550_229479427411190_1358399746_n.jpg

Paige recently took part in a photoshoot with celebrity photographer Carlos Velez some shots from the shoot were released this weekend. If more shots are released they will be added to the gallery.

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