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 Who is Paige?

  Name: Saraya-Jade Bevis
  A.K.A: Paige
  Born: August 17th, 1992 (23)
  From: Norwich, Norfolk, England
  NXT Debut: July 4th, 2012
  WWE Debut: April 7th, 2014

Mini Bio: Paige is a raven-haired Diva who preaches a simple message: She wants to fight. She gained prominence inside the NXT Arena as the first NXT Women’s Champion. A driven competitor, she first began battling when she was 13, following her family of English wrestlers and has never looked back. On the April 7 edition of Raw, Paige stunned the WWE Universe by challenging – and ultimately defeating AJ Lee to become the new Divas Champ!

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Smackdown Live Results-June 26th,2018
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James Ellsworth makes his way to the ring.

James says there are two types of men in the world. There is a type who likes to wear sandals and talk about their feelings. Then there are men like him who do what they want. He says he was attacked by Asuka for no reason. He tells Asuka this is a man’s world and when you mess with the bull, you get the horns. James says he loves and respects women. He says he has a love life so hot you can fry and egg on it. He says the feeling is mutual. When it comes to Asuka and him, there is no love. There is absolutely no respect. He says he wasn’t ready for Asuka last week, but he is ready this week. He tells Asuka to try to come out and kick him this week. He dares her.

Smackdown General Manager Paige comes out to the ring.

She asks James what is he doing. She tells James that he knows that Asuka isn’t here. He knows that is the case because he was in the back asking everyone. James knows that Asuka is in Japan with her family.

Paige says your arrival at Money in the Bank means that Asuka deserves some love and respect. Carmella will defend her Women’s Title at Extreme Rules.

James says that Asuka does not deserve a rematch. Ellsworth says he sees the way that Paige looks at him. He says she is out here for a date.

Paige tells Ellsworth that is exactly what she is out here for. Paige asks James about next Tuesday.

James asks if she is serious and he says yes.

Paige tells James that next week, he has a ‘date’ or a match against Asuka.

Match Number Five: Daniel Bryan versus Luke Harper (with Erick Rowan)

Harper backs Bryan into the corner and punches him. Harper sends Bryan to the floor but Bryan gets back into the ring. Bryan with kicks in the corner but Harper with an uppercut. Harper sends Bryan to the floor and Bryan returns to the ring. Bryan goes for a baseball slide but Harper catches him and sends Bryan into the ringside barrier. Harper with a chop and then he tries to send Bryan into the ring post, but Bryan gets to his feet and he sends Harper into the ring post.

Bryan with kicks and they return to the ring. Harper with a punch and he rakes the eyes. Harper with a rear chin lock. Bryan with kicks and chops but Harper with a punch. Bryan with a kick and then Harper charges and goes over the top rope when Bryan ducks down. Bryan sets for a suicide dive and Harper catches him and then Harper sends Bryan face first into the announce table. Harper with a Yakuza Kick that sends Bryan into Yeatonville as we go to commercial.

We are back and Harper with a chin lock but Bryan with punches to escape. Harper with a knee to the midsection followed by a chop. Harper with an Irish whip and Bryan flips over Harper but when he goes for a clothesline he is caught with a Bossman slam for a near fall. Harper with a running forearm to the back and then he hits a slingshot senton for a near fall. Harper with a rear chin lock and he uses Bryan’s arm to add pressure.

Bryan with a jaw breaker and he escapes. Harper returns to the reverse chin lock. Bryan with double sledges but Harper with a punch to send Bryan into the ropes. Harper runs into a boot from Bryan and Bryan with a drop kick to the arm. Bryan with a running drop kick into the corner and then he hits a second one. Bryan goes for a third one but Harper catches Bryan and hits a Michinoku Driver for a near fall. Harper with a forearm to the upper back and Harper returns to the reverse chin lock and he adds a body scissors. Bryan with punches and kicks to Harper. Bryan kicks the arm again and Harper with a drop kick.

Harper with a chop in the corner. Harper follows with a head butt and another chop. Harper puts Bryan on the turnbuckles and Harper with a palm strike. Harper sets for a superplex but Bryan with punches to send Harper to the mat. Bryan with punches and he hits a tornado DDT. Bryan with kicks to the injured shoulder and then he misses the round kick. Harper with a thrust kick and Bryan gets to his feet and he gets a near fall with a rollup.

Harper misses the discus clothesline and Bryan is able to lock in the Yes Lock.

Rowan breaks up the hold before Harper taps out and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Daniel Bryan (by disqualification)

After the match, Harper and Rowan attack Bryan and Harper with a splash and Rowan with an elbow.

Before Harper and Rowan can cause any more damage, Kane makes his way to the ring.

Kane punches Harper and Rowan. Kane grabs Rowan by the throat and then he does the same to Harper. Harper and Rowan kick Kane. Bryan with a missile drop kick to both men and then Bryan with a running knee to Rowan. Kane gives Harper a choke slam.

Daniel is confused about the situation and he backs into the corner. Kane holds his arms out and Bryan does not want to hug or see Kane’s pyro. Daniel eventually hugs Kane.

Paige says she will not let this slip through her fingers so The Bludgeon Brothers will defend the Smackdown Tag Team Titles at Extreme Rules against Kane and Daniel Bryan.