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 Who is Paige?

  Name: Saraya-Jade Bevis
  A.K.A: Paige
  Born: August 17th, 1992 (23)
  From: Norwich, Norfolk, England
  NXT Debut: July 4th, 2012
  WWE Debut: April 7th, 2014

Mini Bio: Paige is a raven-haired Diva who preaches a simple message: She wants to fight. She gained prominence inside the NXT Arena as the first NXT Women’s Champion. A driven competitor, she first began battling when she was 13, following her family of English wrestlers and has never looked back. On the April 7 edition of Raw, Paige stunned the WWE Universe by challenging – and ultimately defeating AJ Lee to become the new Divas Champ!

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Gallery Update: Total Divas Season 6 Screen Captures.
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Total Divas is back this WEDNESDAY at 9|8c, only on E!
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Total Divas is back April 5th 9|8c, only on E!
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Total Divas Season 6 screen captures.
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Total Divas returns April 5
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Nikki Bella is going behind the scenes when Total Divas returns this spring. In addition to starring in E!’s reality TV sensation, the record-setting former Divas Champion will serve as an Executive Producer when the show returns for the back half of Season 6 on Wednesday, April 5.

“I am honored and excited to have been made an executive producer on Total Divas,” said Nikki in a statement. “As a pioneer of the show, I want to use my expertise and creativity not only in front of the cameras but behind as well and my goal is to continue to make Total Divas one of the best reality programs on television.”

When last we left Total Divas on this week’s mid-season finale, The Fearless One had been cleared to return to the ring by her doctors, but not by WWE officials. As a result, Nikki was set to continue her rehabilitation at the WWE Performance Center while the rest of the cast — Natalya, Eva Marie, Naomi, Paige, Renee Young, Lana and Maryse — waited to hear of their fates in the WWE Brand Extension Draft. Brie Bella, meanwhile, continued her efforts to start a family with husband Daniel Bryan.

“I’m very focused on my journey to inspire and empower women and I look at this as another step forward in doing so,” Nikki said of her involvement in the coming episodes. “I am grateful to WWE, E! and Bunim Murray for giving me this amazing opportunity.”

Total Divas returns Wednesday, April 5, on E!.

Total Divas: C’est La Divas (Part 2)
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007_TD514_07--3fb5492d1e164406557b15373a955b71.jpg 008_TD514_14--2dab6e5fd66cdbc49d31afbee1d97379.jpg 018_TD514_34--e8fea1203b91c7e73c334e971c670cf6.jpg 032_TD514_70--5e045e9fa3a0b79031053d1bc3dbcc9f.jpg

We return to the ladies’ French soiree in part 2 of E!’s “Total Divas” Season 5 Finale, and one last bout of convoluted drama involving hurt feelings and a photoshoot. Alicia Fox has scheduled a Parisian fashion shoot but nobody knows exactly why, so everyone’s feeling a bit testy. Mandy Rose still feels left out by Eva Marie, so she’s particularly grumpy; Natalya’s exasperated and gossipy; so by the time it all gets back to Fox she figures the girls are just being uncooperative and is ready to wash her hands of the whole thing. That leads to a cast meeting where grievances are aired and differences are resolved. Mandy and Eva make it a point to reconcile (though Mandy’s a bit more wary of her would be tag teammate and resolves to choose her friends more carefully in the future) and the “Total Divas” end their trip to France on a positive note with a party at the Moulin Rouge. Everybody can-can!

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Total Divas: C’est La Divas (Part 1)
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In part 1 of the Season 5 Finale of E!’s “Total Divas,” the ladies are in Paris for the official purpose of a media day to promote WWE Live’s European tour. But they’ve also got a lot of downtime, so that means it’s not long before the crew is let loose on the streets of France. Sacré bleu. Alicia Fox, however, takes it upon herself to mend all of her broken relationships during the trip. Things are patched up with Eva Marie pretty quickly, but lingering tensions continue to keep her from burying the hatchet with Rosa Mendes. That ends up backfiring when Foxy passive-aggressively abstains from a group trip to the Eiffel Tower, where it turns out Bobby is waiting to propose to Rosa. Good news is, once Rosa accepts she’s been neglectful of Alicia’s feelings, two-thirds of the “Three Amigas” make up just in time for Paige to arrange for a studly French male model to sit for a nude sketch class, much to Natalya’s horror.

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Total Divas Recap: Baby Talk
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028_TD512_24--6754cc3806df44e4a2829f61d91bca2d.jpg 037_TD512_33--6efee8acdcbf796f77fdfdea19c3f3a6.jpg 055_TD512_51--897cf2edcdac830c18a4d200546dd7a4.jpg 060_TD512_56--e144991ad65e76d8b9d3bb36c53780a7.jpg

It’s been a rough go of it for Paige as well. Not only is she bummed after her relationship with Kevin fizzled out, but she’s actively overwhelmed by all of Rosa Mendes’ talk about her baby shower. You’d think this is just her being grumpy over losing a boyfriend, but the reason is actually more in-depth from that: It turns out Paige was pregnant once before coming to WWE, lost the baby and, due to a separate medical issue, might not be able to have another one, so she can’t muster up the heart to be happy for Rosa on her big day. It gets to the point that Paige uses her guest spot on “Ridiculousness” to opt out of the baby shower, meaning zero Divas will be in attendance after the rest of the division bailed one by one. But after her segment is done, Paige rallies and makes it in the nick of time to help Rosa celebrate.

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Total Divas Recap: The Truth About Cats and Divas
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014_td503_113-2032775676.jpg 040_td503_257-806619690.jpg 049_td503_304-2934307687.jpg 009_td503_91-113964644.jpg

The Divas are called into a meeting at one of the TV tapings by Mark Carrano. They get introduced to a new Diva in Mandy, who is better known as Amanda Saccomanno from the recent season of WWE Tough Enough. She finished as a runner-up to Sara Lee on the female side of the game.

Everyone was flabbergasted by Mandy being the newest the newest Diva, especially Paige, who was a judge on the show. The two had traded verbal jabs multiple times.

Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes and Paige ride with Eva and Mandy on the road. Eva tries to smooth things over with Paige. Paige apologizes and recognizes Eva’s efforts to improve in the ring.

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Total Divas Recap: A SummerSlam Engagement
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003_td502_14-300384079.jpg 001_td502_11-1702386685.jpg 031_td502_168-28763614.jpg 034_td502_177-4182074700.jpg

There was a bit of drama between Paige and Alicia Fox over something that wasn’t supposed to be told to everyone. This leads to Fox avoiding Paige, ignoring her, and unfollowing her on social media.

During the three-team SummerSlam match, Paige plays up her personal issues with Alicia in the ring. They confront each other backstage after the match is over.

To close the show, Paige and Alicia are seen talking about their issue, with Alicia apologizing.

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