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 Who is Paige?

  Name: Saraya-Jade Bevis
  A.K.A: Paige
  Born: August 17th, 1992 (23)
  From: Norwich, Norfolk, England
  NXT Debut: July 4th, 2012
  WWE Debut: April 7th, 2014

Mini Bio: Paige is a raven-haired Diva who preaches a simple message: She wants to fight. She gained prominence inside the NXT Arena as the first NXT Women’s Champion. A driven competitor, she first began battling when she was 13, following her family of English wrestlers and has never looked back. On the April 7 edition of Raw, Paige stunned the WWE Universe by challenging – and ultimately defeating AJ Lee to become the new Divas Champ!

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Paige retires from in-ring competition-April 9th,2018
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During tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw from New Orleans, the same venue where she made her official main roster debut, a tearful WWE star Paige (Saraya-Jade Bevis, 25 years old) officially announced her in-ring retirement as a professional wrestler.

As PWInsider.com broke back in January, Paige was informed by WWE management that she would not be cleared to return to the ring after a December in-ring injury.

During a six woman tag team bout on 12/28/17 at the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, Long Island, Paige had her back to Sasha Banks, who was behind her against the turnbuckles. Banks used the ropes to pull herself up and kicked with both legs into Paige’s back. Paige, obviously not ready for the bump, went down. She tried to get up but could not get her legs under her. She finally did get up and turned to grab Banks, but immediately fell down again and rolled over to her back, where she remained. The referee checked on her and called for the bell. She was examined by WWE medical personnel and a stretcher was brought to ringside to transport her back to the locker room. After several minutes, Paige finally walked out under her own power.

It was believed at the time that Paige had suffered a stinger, leading to her losing feeling in her extremities. Given her previous neck surgery, WWE pulled her from the ring and set up further testing that led to WWE pulling her from being an active in-ring competitor. week’s decision.

Paige’s injury came, as most injuries do, at the worst possible time.

2016 into 2017 was an explosive year for Paige that saw her undergo neck surgery, be hit with a pair of WWE Wellness Policy suspensions, undergo the embarrassment of personal and explicit videos being leaked and of course, her public and tumultuous relationship with Alberto el Patron. There were a number of incidents involving the couple that played out in the public eye, including a July 2017 scene at the Orlando International Airport that was so bad, local authorities got involved, later determining not only that Paige was the aggressor in the situation but that there was enough evidence to prosecute her for domestic violence battery. In the end, the District Attorney’s office opted not to move forward with the charges.

By the latter part of 2017, however, Paige was cleared medically and was finally back in the ring, spending time at the WWE Performance Center in order to prepare for a television return. She was brought back with great fanfare during a Raw segment last year, helping to introduce NXT talents Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville to the main roster as part of the Absolution faction. The strategy behind putting the group together may have been to devise a way to limit Paige’s ring time due to her previous neck issues, while also getting her back on TV in a prominent role. Almost immediately, the trio was clicking, feuding with Sasha Banks, Bayley and Mickie James. Paige was right back where she should have been.

Then, the injury happened.

The irony of the situation, a number of sources have pointed out, is that looking at Paige, no one would think there was anything physically wrong, making it even more unthinkable that she, at 25, is being removed from WWE competition.

A second generation star from Norwich, England who broke into the business at just 13 years of age, Paige’s signing to WWE developmental was instrumental in leading to the current incarnation of the WWE women’s division. She was one of the first breakout stars of the WWE NXT brand as it evolved from just being a developmental territory. NXT’s Women’s division, unlike the WWE main roster at the time, specifically focused on the athletic in-ring abilities of the female talents and built stories, title matches and rivalries no different than NXT’s male counterparts.

As more and more talents migrated from NXT to arrive on WWE’s main roster, the women’s division there also evolved, becoming far more performance-based as the division became a more popular and important piece of WWE’s product, Paige was not only a major part of moving the division forward, she was the first sign that the tides were changing.

Paige, at the first NXT Women’s champion, was moved to the main roster the day after Wrestlemania 30 in New Orleans, shockingly defeating AJ Lee to become the WWE Divas champion in a surprise debut. The decision to have her officially announce her retirement tonight was, in part, to give her a complete circle by having it happen in the same place she made her big debut. We are told it was a Vince McMahon call to have Paige make the announcement tonight.

In defeating Lee back in 2014, Paige became the first and only woman to hold the belts simultaneously. With her Divas championship win, Paige, at 21 years of age, was also the youngest woman to hold the Divas belt. She would go on hold the Divas championship twice and indoubtedly should be remembered as the first female in the current era of female WWE stars.

Paige remins still under contract to WWE and will be a full-fledged member of the Total Divas cast for the next season.

Of course, she will also be heavily involved in the promotion for WWE Studios’ forthcoming film Fighting With My Family, which will be released theatrically on September 14th. The film, being produced by The Rock, is based on a British documentary made about her family, The Knights, who have been wrestling and promoting the World Association of Wrestling (WAW) promotion in Great Britain for many years. One of the film’s central characters, Raya (short for Saraya, Paige’s given name) will be played by actress Florence Pugh as the film follows a fictionalized version of Paige’s path to World Wrestling Entertainment, right down to a major scene where they recreate the night she debuted on Raw and captured the Divas championship. The importance of Paige’s connection to the film alone should allow her to be showcased in some fashion by WWE until the film hits theaters.

Outside of WWE, Paige has been building a separate brand for herself under the name “Saraya” with the assistance of former WWE star Rosa Mendes. That fashion line was represented over the weekend in New Orleans at Wrestlecon over the weekend.

During her speech, Paige thanked both Daniel Bryan and Edge. Edge, who is backstage at Raw, was also forced to retire due to neck issues and Paige pointed out that she showed her this isn’t the end in that he was able to move on and have a family and an acting career. She also noted that Bryan returned from a career-ending injury and that gives her hope that perhaps one day, the decision to retire her could also be reversed.

Sasha Banks, Bayley & Mickie James to battle Paige, Mandy R...
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The Raw Women’s division is officially on notice. During a Fatal 4-Way Match to determine Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss’ next challenger, Paige returned to WWE after more than a year, with NXT’s Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville in tow. The trio laid out Bayley, Sasha Banks and Mickie James in ruthless fashion, but they didn’t stop there. When Little Miss Bliss attempted to welcome Paige and her new allies to Team Red, Alexa suffered the same fate as her would-be challengers.

Sasha, Bayley and Mickie will have a chance at retribution when they take on Paige, Mandy and Sonya in six-woman tag team action tonight, live on Raw.

WWE Raw preview, Nov. 27, 2017
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Will Paige, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville’s rampage continue?

The Raw Women’s division is officially on notice. During a Fatal 4-Way Match to determine Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss’ next challenger, Paige returned to WWE after more than a year, with NXT’s Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville in tow. The trio laid out Bayley, Sasha Banks, Mickie James and Alicia Fox in ruthless fashion, but they didn’t stop there. When Little Miss Bliss attempted to welcome Paige and her new allies to Team Red, Alexa suffered the same fate as her would-be challengers.

The entire WWE Universe is anxiously waiting to see what Paige, Mandy and Sonya will do next. Who will be their next target?

WWE Top 10: Paige’s greatest moments
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WWE Raw results, Nov. 20, 2017: Paige is back, and she’s b...
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Paige, Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose attacked Sasha Banks, Bayley, Alicia Fox and Mickie James

Alexa Bliss fell to Charlotte Flair at Survivor Series, and as a result, almost the entire Raw Women’s division was out for an opportunity to challenge Little Miss Bliss — Bayley, Sasha Banks, Alicia Fox, and Mickie James to be exact. But in one fell swoop, the Women’s Evolution leapt forward and threw the pecking order of Raw’s Women’s division into question.

The four would-be challengers had been given a Fatal 4-Way opportunity to determine Alexa’s next challenger by Raw General Manager Kurt Angle, but the action was cut short when Paige emerged on the entranceway, stopping the action cold with an ominous proclamation: “I’m back … and I didn’t come alone.”

As the assembled Superstars kept their eyes on the former Divas Champion, Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose from NXT rushed the ring from behind. While Alicia screamed and ran for cover, Mandy dispatched Mickie, Sonya felled The Boss and Paige brought the curtain down on The Huggable One with the Ram-Paige. They followed up with a three-on-one attack of Bliss backstage, capping off an unmistakable message to an entire Raw Women’s division that has been so focused on making history, they forgot whose house they were biding their time in.

Paige returns to the WWE Performance Center
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Paige is on a journey to reclaim her “house.”

The former Divas Champion — unseen in a WWE ring for more than a year — revealed she has returned to the WWE Performance Center, presumably beginning her return to active competition in WWE.

“Went to see an old friend today,” she wrote. “Good to be back there! @wwe #RoadBackToMyHouse”

Went to see an old friend today. Good to be back there! @wwe #RoadBackToMyHouse

Uma publicação compartilhada por Paige WWE (@realpaigewwe) em

Paige is a two-time Divas Champion and became the youngest Superstar to hold the title when she captured it during her Raw debut at the age of 21. If her return his imminent, as this post is leading many in the WWE Universe to believe, consider the women of Raw and SmackDown LIVE officially put on notice

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The Rock to produce a new movie about Paige’s family.
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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Dany Garcia’s Seven Bucks Productions, Misher Films, WWE Studios, and Film4 are all teaming up to produce the upcoming feature film “Fighting with My Family,” a comedy-drama written and directed by Stephen Merchant, based on the true personal story of WWE Superstar Paige and her family of wrestlers.

The film is inspired by the Channel 4 British documentary “The Wrestlers: Fighting with My Family” and tells the story of reformed gangster and former wrestler Ricky, his wife Julia, daughter Saraya and son Zak, who make a living performing in tiny venues across the country. Ricky and Julia want a better life for their children and when brother and sister get the chance to audition for WWE, it seems the family dream is coming true and all their troubles will be solved. However, Saraya and Zak are about to learn that becoming a WWE Superstar demands more than they ever imagined possible as athletes and siblings. Wrestling has always kept this family together —but now it could tear them apart.

Stephen Merchant (“The Office”, “Hello Ladies”) has signed on to write, direct and executive produce the project.

Seven Bucks Productions’ Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia and Hiram Garcia will serve as executive producers. Kevin Misher of Misher Films will produce alongside WWE Studios President Michael Luisi. WWE Studios is co-financing the film with Film4, which developed the project from its inception. Johnson will also play a role in the film, with rising star Florence Pugh, who will play WWE Superstar Paige, and Jack Lowden, who will play her brother, Zak. The film will start principal photography in Los Angeles and London this month.

“Back in 2012, I was in my hotel room in London and stumbled across a documentary on a local U.K. channel,” Johnson said. “Not only was I intrigued by this loving and wild family, but I also felt it’s the kind of narrative that would make an amazing movie. The Knights’ journey is a universal one that all families are familiar with. I relate to Saraya (Paige) and her wrestling family on such a personal level, and it means so much that I can help tell their story.”

“When Dwayne sent me the documentary, I didn’t think I’d be interested in a story about wrestling,” Merchant said. “Until I realized this is not really about wrestling at all, it’s about a young woman, her family and their struggles —which are funny, sad, tough, tender and ultimately inspiring. And just happen to involve people in spandex throwing each other about. I love that it’s a true story about a working-class girl who, against the odds, climbed to the very top of her unusual profession. And as with Rocky and boxing, even if you don’t like her sport, you’ll love her journey.”

“What an incredible opportunity for WWE Studios to partner with revered WWE Superstar Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to bring the compelling, heartwarming and often hilarious family story of WWE Superstar Paige to audiences worldwide,” Luisi said. “Stephen Merchant has such a keen creative eye, and we are thrilled to be able to work with Daniel Battsek and his team at Film4, and Kevin Misher, to bring for the very first time the tale of one of our own to the big screen.”

Daniel Battsek, Director of Film4 added, “‘Fighting with My Family’ is a great example of that successful genre of uplifting British films about real people who’ve gone from being unlikely underdogs to triumphing against the odds. We are all excited at the commercial potential of this project, and Stephen Merchant has the perfect comic sensibility to make this uniquely British story appeal to audiences worldwide. I am delighted to be collaborating with my old colleague Michael Luisi at WWE, as well as Kevin Misher and, of course, Dwayne Johnson.”

“Only Dwayne Johnson could watch a documentary about this warm, wild and wonderful family of British wrestlers and intuitively understand the bigger international appeal of this story, and only Stephen Merchant could create it,” Misher said. ”It speaks volumes that Film4 and WWE Studios have come together to tell a story that will have as much appeal to the most ardent WWE fan as it will to someone who wouldn’t know a suplex from a sleeper hold.”


Behind The Scenes: Swerved Season 2
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Check out these behind-the-scenes photos of Sasha Banks, Paige, The New Day and other WWE Superstars pulling off hilarious pranks on unsuspecting bystanders on season two of WWE Network’s Swerved.

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WWE Game Night: WWE Superstars play Twister
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You demanded it. Paige, The New Day’s Big E and Xavier Woods and WWE referee John Cone play a dizzying game of Twister on the season 2 premiere of WWE Game Night.


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